TS1070 Smart Series

7 Inch Widescreen Built in LAN Port
Lineup of TECHNOSHOT TS1000 Smart series

The programmable displays in the TECHNOSHOT TS1000 Smart series are easy-to-see, and have bright TFT color liquid crystal screens.
A high-resolution display and high-speed response display give TECHNOSHOT TS1000 Smart series panels a high power of expression.

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Specifications of TS1070S/TS1070Si

Model TS1070S TS1070Si
Main unit specifications Screen size 7.0” widescreen
Display device TFT color
Resolution 800 × 480 dots
Colors 65,536 colors
Backlight LED
Touch screen Analog registive
Certifications CE / KC / UL / cUL
User Memory FROM 26 MB
External interface specifications COM1
D-Sub 9 pin (female)
Data length: 7,8 bits Parity: even,odd,none Stop bit: 1,2 bits
Baud rate: 4800,9600,19200,38400,57600,76800,115200,187500*1 bps
D-Sub 9 pin (male)
COM2:RS-232C COM3: RS-422/RS-485(2-wire)
Data length: 7,8 bits Parity: even,odd,none Stop bit: 1,2 bits
Baud rate: 4800,9600,19200,38400,57600,76800,115200 bps
LAN RJ-45 1 ch
USB-A 1 ch
USB mini-B 1 ch
Power supply Permissible range of voltage 24 V DC ± 10 %
Power consumption
(max. rating)
11W or less
Physical environment Ambient temperature 0 to 50°C*2
Ambient humidity 85% RH or lower(non-condensing)*2
Contamination level 2
Operation altitude 2,000 m or less
Atmosphere Not to be exposed to corrosive gas, or conductive dust
Storage ambient temperature -10 to 60°C*2
Storage ambient humidity 85% RH or lower(non-condensing)*2
Installation conditions Protective structure Panel front IP65 equivalent (when using waterproof gasket*3), IP40 equivalent (when not using waterproof gasket*3)
Rear case IP20 equivalent
W × H × D
198.8 × 141.8 × 38.0 mm
Panel cutout 189.0 × 134.0 (+0.5/-0)mm
Case color Black
  • *1 187500 bps is only relevant to Siemens AG MPI/PPI communications.
  • *2 Use at a wet-bulb temperature of 39°C or lower to avoid damage.
  • *3 This is an optional item.