TELLUS and V-Server

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What is TELLUS and V-Server?

TELLUS and V-Server enable you to monitor your production site and collect on-site data with your office PC via MONITOUCH.

TELLUS and V-Server

System requirements

OS Windows 10 (32bit,64bit) / 8.1 (32bit,64bit) / 8 (32bit,64bit) /
7 (32bit,64bit) / Vista (32bit,64bit) / XP / XP64 Edition /
Server 2016 / Server 2012 / Server 2008 R2
CPU Pentium 4 processor with 1 GHz or above
Memory 256 MB or above (Emulation Mode : 512 MB or above)
Hard disk Free disk space before TELLUS installation : 2.5 GB or above
Free disk space before V-Server installation : 2.5 GB or above

Remote monitoring and control

Installation of the TELLUS and V-Server software package allows your PC to monitor and control the production site via Monitouch through Ethernet.

* TELLUS Remote mode requires both TELLUS and V-Server.


What is V-Server?

Accesses to PLC from your PC via MONITOUCH through Ethernet to collect real-time data without additional programming. Recipe management and e-mail alerts upon alarm occurrence.


01 Data saving without programming

 ■Data logging function

Production data can be regularly read out and saved in database, CSV / Excel format.

 ■Readout of sampling data

Sampling data stored in Monitouch can be read out and saved in database or CSV / Excel format.


02 Consolidated recipe data management

Consolidation of recipe data by the upper-level PC reduces the process of recipe registration and modification for each piece of equipment and provides consistent product quality.


03 Consolidated management of data of PLCs of various types and manufacturers

V-Server collects information from peripheral devices through Monitouch as a gateway.It is possible to collect information from the devices of any type and manufacturer if they can be connected to Monitouch.


04 Easy to make daily and monthly reports (DDE function)

The tag data registered in V-Server can be pasted to Excel files in DDE format.This makes it easy to generate daily / monthly reports.


05 Quick response to on-site problems

Alarm data can be monitored to display historical data or a list of alarms currently occurring. In addition, an e-mail alert can be sent immediately when a critical alarm occurs.


06 Updating of Monitouch data from the office

You can update the system program of multiple Monitouch panels at a time or transfer the screen program to them all together.


07 Reading and writing of stored data

Files on a SD card inserted in Monitouch can be read out to a PC, and fikes edited on a PC can be written onto a SD card via Ethernet.


08 Automatic actions in response to events

Various kinds of events can be set depending on the requirements of the operation. Events allow for a high degree of fkexibility, so you can adapt to the specifications of the production line.

What is TELLUS HMI Mode?

Managing on-site PLC data from your PC via direct serial connection or Ethernet. This means you can now use PC peripheral equipment and Windows application software.



01 Centralized monitoring of the entire factory with a large screen display

TELLUS HMI supports full HD resolution.The entire image, which cannot be displayed on one Monitouch display, can be displayed on a large screen display.


License Validation

When you use SOFT MONITOUCH TELLUS and V-Server, you must do the license validation by using license key or entering password. You can use SOFT MONITOUCH TELLUS and V-Server with the following restrictions as the trial period until the license validation is completed. Check the type of license for functions to be used before applying for the licenses.


  • The software completes operations with an alarm message after one hour of operation.
  • TELLUS Remote mode can be used 100 times only. There is no restriction for the use of TELLUS in Emulation mode, HMI mode, or V-Server.


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