V9150iX series

12inchesTFT16.7M colorSVGA3ch serialSD I/FA/mini B USBCOM I/FLAN 1chAudioVideo optionRGB option

V9120iS series


AC power


DC power

V9120iSB series


AC power


DC power

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  • *2: DC products only. Hardware of Ver. b or later.
  • *3: For displaying pictures, 3D parts,video, and RGB input (excluding high-speed mode) only. Other parts are displayed in 65,536 colors.
  • *4: Only for Siemens MPI (Incompatible with DUR-00).
  • *5: Wireless LAN-compatible products only.
  • *6: DC products only.
  • *7: Only for Hardware Ver. f or later. Applicable standard for Hardware Ver. a to e is UL 508.
  • *8: Wireless LAN compatible products are not supported.
  • *9: Black model not certified.

Dimensions and Part Names

(Unit: mm)

Side view Front view Rear view
Side view Front view Rear view
Bottom view Panel cutout
Bottom view Panel cutout
Part Names
  1. 1Display
  2. 2Function switch
  3. 3Power lamp
  4. 4Communication unit connector (EXT1)
  5. 5Fall prevention hook
  6. 6Optional unit connector (EXT2)
  7. 7SD card access LED
  8. 8Battery holder
  9. 9DIP switch
  10. 10USB cable holding hole
  11. 11SD card connector
  1. 12Sound output connector (AUDIO)
  2. 13Power input terminal block
  3. 14Modular jack 1 (MJ1)
  4. 15Modular jack 2 (MJ2)


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